do you have injured workers drawing on your insurances? 


Have you received information that they may not be as injured as they claim, or do you believe they may be working elsewhere whilst claiming under your income protection insurance? Is your budget being impacted because you have to pay higher premiums when you are not sure if the injuries are legitimate?

 Don't remain in the dark any longer. We specialise in conducting surveillance, in fact, we conduct investigations every day for insurance companies and other commercial entities.

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Why should you have to pay more than required?

False, or exaggerated, workplace injuries cost employers millions of dollars per year, far exceeding what should be claimed. Why should they be allowed to cause impact upon your bottom line? How much could you improve your business if you were able to reduce your insurance premiums?

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Don't continue stressing?

Don't lie awake at night wondering how you are going to deal with the problems of unproductive workers. We don't only investigate insurance fraud. We can conduct workplace bullying, track travelling sales staff, check on remote locations, and even conduct pre-employment checks before they even receive an interview time. 

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why use covert observations?

We are experienced investigators with many years police experience. Our main goal is to use our expertise to help other businesses reduce pressures on their bottom line and improve their level of success. We can help you by working within your employee management framework while removing the perception of favouritism and bias, and allowing you to focus on your key money-making processes. 


Contact us now to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss how we can assist you grow your business, by protecting your bottom line and removing the unwanted distractions which prevent you from growing and improving.