The first major confrontation

After several months of conducting full-time surveillance (over 2 years ago now), I was obtaining good results, my confidence was high, and I was really enjoying work. I arrived in the vicinity of a job in Western Sydney, stopped a few houses down from the subject address and began my usual routine of describing the residence and checking for vehicles. The street was busy and the neighbours were active. Everything appeared normal. 

Several hours into the observations I noticed a resident close to my position began taking notice of my vehicle. I was confident he had not sighted me, and I was not after him, so I disregarded my "gut feeling" and continued observations. A short time later he left his address in a white dual-cab utility so I put it to the rear of my mind and pushed on. 

About half an hour later the male returned to his address with a number of children in the vehicle. He had obviously picked up the kids from school and now, after leaving the utility against the curb, the male and the kids began approaching my car. I sunk as low as I could and remained as still as possible.

They started by walking around the vehicle trying to look in the windows. When they were unable to see me they began pulling on the door handles. When they began banging on the windows I became concerned and contacted triple 0 to request assistance. I told the operator my situation and was informed the nearest assistance was 10 minutes away. 

At this point I heard the male tell one of the kids, "Go and get a brick. We'll smash the window and drag this **** out". Well that was enough for me. I jumped into the front seat, started the ignition and drove away from the location as fast as I could. 

Over a hill and around a corner I went before I stopped and contacted triple 0 again. I intended to tell them the assistance was no longer required. As I was on the phone I looked in my review mirror and saw the white utility approaching the rear of my vehicle rather quickly.

As you might expect I left as quickly as possible and began trying to lose the vehicle in the surrounding streets and heavy traffic. Unfortunately, every time I was stopped by traffic, or a red light, the white utility would stop behind me and the occupants would approach my vehicle. Several times they spat on my car, tried to open the doors and use their mobile phones to take photographs. On one occasion while I was stopped in traffic, and whilst I was still on the phone to the Triple 0 operator, the male began banging on the driver's window and shouting at me. He was so loud the triple 0 operator even stated it could be heard over the phone.

While fearing for my safety, and with due concern for other members of the public, I began using my old Police training to bypass traffic and make my way to the nearest Police Station. The triple 0 operator provided the directions over the phone and said they had informed the station staff I was coming. The white utility continued following me around the traffic congestion and through the very orange lights until I turned into the street containing the Police Station. At this point, the male took a side street and left me alone. 

I stopped outside the station and walked quickly inside, being sure to check for the white utility as I did. I was expecting to be met by the station staff and I had to wait 20 minutes before one of them was free to speak to me. I was surprised they had no knowledge of the incident.