Summation of licence requirements so far.

So far we have covered aspects of PI licensing in NSW and VIC. 

In NSW you need an individual Commerical & Private Inquiry (CAPI) Agent Licence if you are an employee of a larger business or company. If you run your own business or company and advertising for your own work, or sub-contract to larger firms, you need to hold a Master Licence.

If you are in VIC and working as an employee of a larger firm, or as a Sole Trader (and not employing anyone) you need to hold a Private Security Licence with an endorsed activity of "Investigator". If you are running a Company, Partnership, or Trust, or if you are a Sole Trader who engages other investigators, you need to hold a Security Business Licence for the services of "Investigator". 

Don't make the mistake of using unlicensed or incorrectly licenced investigators. 

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