Gumshoe Gadgets

"What equipment do you use?"

Besides being asked, "Do you mean, like that Cheaters TV show?", questions about our equipment and tools are some of the most commonly asked when people find out we are private investigators. 

The devices we use for surveillance are varied in size and quality. They can range from digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, to camcorders, binoculars, and voice recorders for notes, and can include massive lenses, unmanned video devices, and pin-hole sized cameras with high definition quality. As you can imagine some of these items are fun to use and care needs to be taken to ensure we comply with all the relevant legislation.

For fear of stating the obvious, if we were to specifically nominate the equipment and methodology we use, we would be the subject of ridicule from other investigators and be at risk of jeopardising the security and safety of colleagues. Not only would we be disparaged by other investigators for revealing methodology, which may lead to a loss of investigative success, we would run the risk of placing other investigators at risk of physical harm. We consider both of these situations to be unconscionable and something we would never knowingly do. 

The equipment used for factual (circumstance) investigations may not be as exciting, however, it is just as important to the industry. Reliable laptop computers, battery-operated printers, measuring tapes/wheels and laser range finders, and still cameras are often used to obtain statements, and create site diagrams of accident scenes, in order to identify and record evidence. With many private investigators having backgrounds in policing they are able to bring their experience and professionalism to the civil investigations field and assist a variety of clients. 

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