do you use private investigators?

No matter how professional, intelligent, or well organised you are, there is no way you can be over every file that crosses your desk. The interviews, the witness locations, process serving, and surveillance all need time, time which you could be spending with your clients, and future clients. We can assist you free up your time, thus allowing you to focus on your core business, whilst increasing your billable hours, and obtaining more evidence.

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Surveillance can be a very useful tool for obtaining video evidence in a variety of cases. We are specialists in urban and rural surveillance, gained through more than 18 years in the NSW Police, Australian Defence Force, and as a PI. With long distance video capability we can remain discrete while obtaining the available evidence. 

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We are able to assist you with obtaining witness and victim statements, or providing an independent  view point to locate evidentiary gaps in Police briefs and re-interviewing witnesses to discover new lines of enquiry.

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We are available to travel throughout New South Wales and Victoria to obtain statements, follow subjects, locate witnesses, deliver paperwork, or check scenes to locate and obtain required evidence.