Whilst Covert Observations aim to obtain the facts in all cases we only do so using methodology compliant with the legislation of the State or Territory in which the work is being conducted. We have built a reputation for honesty, self-discipline and hard work. We aim to protect this reputation and will not compromise the trust of our clients.

Within the scope of controllable information security, we guarantee discretion for our clients of both their identity and the identity of the subject of investigation.  Breaches of information security will be handled through appropriate action after consultation with the Client.

To our personal clients, please be aware that, whilst we do welcome brief 5-minute enquiries over the telephone, we do charge for consultations in person. This is due to the fact we will be discussing propriety information and industry methodology during the meeting. The cost of this consultation will be subtracted from the final invoice should you decide to commence the investigation. Payment will be accepted prior to discussing the finer details of your situation. 

Contact us now to discuss how we can assist you.