Urban Surveillance

We can assist our clients with a broad range of surveillance tasks including; Insurance fraud, Workplace Plant and Equipment Appropriation, Employment Absence Verification, Family/Spousal matters and Centrelink and Child Care Fraud.

We at Covert Observations are specialists in surveillance and have the ability to follow the Subject or Target through various environments whilst obtaining the available video evidence.

The methodology Private Investigators use for urban surveillance differs significantly to that required in rural areas. In urban areas "close" surveillance can mean being less than 10 metres from the subject. Due to large crowds being the normal experience of the city dweller surveillance operatives can be close if the operative can conquer their fear of being discovered. 

Urban surveillance requires flexibility in techniques, adoption of clothing (both in style and condition) and a willingness to travel by various means. 

We are based in the central location of Albury, on the New South Wales/Victorian border, and licensed to conduct investigations throughout both states. We have gathered a team of agents throughout these states and have the ability to cover your requirements. 

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